Home Water Damage

Your property suffers a slow poison from water leakage. Mold and mildew inside the house and commercial building will threaten residents' and workers' health if the water leak keeps dripping into the property. In addition, a dripping water line makes the entire area hazardous for the occupants, while a leaking water line has a significant impact on valuables and objects in the area. There have been hidden leaks that destroyed foundations in several cases, and people's lives were at risk. Those who have seen the damage water can cause, holes in the pavement and falling walls are not a mystery.

Northbay Water Damage Repair

In addition to trained and certified leak detection specialists, we offer damage restoration, water damage restoration, and reconstruction services. Our collective experience allows us to design restoration plans that are affordable and efficient for the area's residents. In addition, the members of our company work to help the damaged victim with empathy and care. Hidden leaks in homes cause severe damage to people who don't know about them. Besides an open leak, there can be hidden leaks away from the site that does not require attention; these factors can also cause a hidden leak, but you may not notice them.

Hidden leak symptoms

Our experts provide immediate response and lasting solutions to a leak problem. We examine all of your plumbing for the cause of the issue and pay attention to vulnerable places, joints, faucets. Unfortunately, in some cases, people are unaware of hidden leaks in time, which means they have to spend thousands of dollars on restoration if the leak occurs at a critical time. However, if you detect a leak right away, our experts can help save your home and family from catastrophic harm.

High utility bills

Water leaks are hidden from your sight when your water bills keep rising without consumption increasing. To be able to solve this problem, you need to contact our highly experienced technicians right away. Moreover, you are unaware of how much damage has already occurred, so delaying the repairs and restoration will worsen the damage.

Low water pressure 

Whenever you have low water pressure in a few faucets in an area and other faucets in other places, you can create a significant leak in the secondary pipes of the plumbing. There is also water behind walls and under floors, causing some severe damage.

Smelly water 

We recommend contacting our experts if you notice smelly water coming from your faucets because a leak in your plumbing mixes with sewer and drain water can be dangerous for people living in your building. So get relief from your pain by calling us today without wasting a moment.

Water puddles

It is crucial to act immediately. For example, suppose you see any puddles anywhere on the property. Leaking causes enough damage; you don't have any more time to wait.

Mold and mildew

You need to respond right away if you notice mold or mildew in a building. It indicates a hidden leak, and you need to fix it immediately to protect people's health.